What is CALECIM® Professional ?

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Cord Lining Stem Cells: Produced in CellResearchCorp labs

In-Clinic Procedure

Home Maintenance Regimen

CALECIM® Professional is a Physician-dispensed cosmeceutical that is used in-clinic to optimize results of treatments.

It is also recommended by doctors as a powerful anti-aging treatment to be used at home


What is the technology behind CALECIM® Professional ?

  • CALECIM®  Professional is driven by real stem cell science.

  • It is the only skincare in the world powered by cord lining stem cells.

  • Cord lining stem cell technology has proven and recognized benefits for wound healing.

  • This rich source of stem cells is used to derive all the proteins, growth factors and cytokines that form CALECIM® Professional’s active ingredient.

Are there stem cells in your product?

  • CALECIM® Professional products do  not contain stem cells.

  • It contains the proteins produced and secreted by umbilical cord lining stem cells.

  • Proteins are used for communication between cells in your body. CALECIM® Professional products contain stem cell proteins which direct other cells to rejuvenate and regenerate.


What do these stem cell proteins direct skin to do?

In-vitro tests have shown that stem cell proteins direct skin cells to:

  1. Migrate towards each other, effectively healing wounds.

  2. Build the skin’s structural layer to improve fullness and skin density.

  3. Improve skin cell turnover, so that old skin cells are shed, revealing radiant, young skin.

What else do stem cells produce that is good for skin?

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Binds to water molecules to plump up the skin. Skin is visibly plumped.

  • Soluble Collagen: Provides skin with strength, shape and form.

  • Albumin: Required for skin turgor and fullness. Skin regains firmness.

  • Fibronectin: Binds to collagen, increasing its strength. Skin improves in resilience


CALECIM® Professional


Clinical Observations:

  • Significantly reduces redness, swelling and discomfort

  • Aids and accelerates skin's healing cascade

  • Enhances aesthetic results 

Suitable for use after In-clinic treatments: :

IPL, Radio-frequency, Laser, Microdermabrasion, Micro-needling, Chemical Peels.


Apply immediately post-treatment and for at least two days after to accelerate skin restoration

Reduces downtime:

Dramatically reduces post-procedure redness, swelling and downtime

Used as a base treatment for anti-aging:

Excellent at-home skin booster, promotes skin renewal

CALECIM® Professional Multi-Action Cream

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Clinical Observations:

  • Restores facial definition and contours

  • Improves skin elasticity

  • Significantly 'lifts' skin

  • Enhances skin fullness and volume

  • Targeted CORRECTIVE Treatment

  • Use Pre-moisturizer

  • Helps activate tissue renewal for the skin’s structural layers

  • Targets skin laxity and loss of skin volume, visibly correcting facial contours, deep wrinkles



Skin types showing significant signs of aging: loss of elasticity and facial definition, decreased skin density and volume, puffiness or sunken features, pigmentation


Every morning and evening after cleansing, and before moisturizer.


Topical use on healthy, thoroughly cleansed skin. Distribute small amounts over the face and lightly pat into the skin. Apply up to hairline, and extend down to neck and décolleté.

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CALECIM® Professional

Restorative Hydration Cream

Clinical Observations:

  • Refines skin texture

  • Amplifies hydration levels

  • Corrects shadows and fine lines

  • Plumps skin from within

  • Improves radiance and glow

  • Used as a hydrating moisturizer post application of treatment creams

  • Enriched with NATURAL Hyaluronic Acid derived from stem cells

  • Plumps skin from within with easily absorbed active hydrating ingredients

  • Added Tocopherol that creates a barrier to prevent water-loss



Skin that requires hydration: dry with fine lines, uneven texture and tone, with shadows, dull appearance

Prematurely aging skin due to dryness or environmental assaults


Every morning and evening after cleansing, and after application of Multi-Action Cream. If skin is oily, use only in the evening after application of Multi-Action Cream


Topical use on healthy, thoroughly cleansed skin. Distribute small amounts over the face and lightly pat into the skin. Apply up to hairline, and extend down to neck and décolleté.

Frequently asked questions

What skin type is Multi-Action Cream suitable for?

  • Skin types showing signs of significant aging: loss of elasticity and facial definition, puffiness, decreased skin density, pigmentation

  • It is not recommended for patients with acne-prone skin.

  • It is a corrective treatment, not a moisturizer. Added moisturizer could be required, or use CALECIM® Professional Restorative Hydration Cream after application.

What skin type is Restorative Hydration Cream suitable for

  • Skin types showing signs of dehydration: fine lines with dull texture and uneven skin tone. Premature-aging due to dryness or environmental exposure

  • It is not recommended for patients with acne-prone skin.

  • When used in conjunction with CALECIM® Professional Multi-Action Cream, skin is ensured of the optimal hydration levels required for healthy self-healing and rejuvenation.

I have oily/acne-prone skin, is CALECIM®
Professional suitable for me?

We recommend that you treat the acne before using CALECIM® Professional products.

Can I apply CALECIM® Professional Serum and Multi-Action Cream together?

Yes you can.

Apply Professional Serum after cleansing and toner, followed by Multi-Action Cream onto the face, up to hairline, around eye contour area, extending to the neck and décolleté.

Restorative Hydration Cream can be used after as a moisturizer

We find that improvement is most obvious around the eye, cheek and jowl area, hence it is important to remind patients to apply the cream to a level below the jawline.

Does Multi-Action Cream act as a moisturizer?

Multi-Action Cream is mildly moisturising.

For those with oily skin, Multi-Action Cream is sufficiently moisturizing without additional application of moisturizer.

For other skin types (dry or combination skin), we recommend that you apply your own moisturiser after Multi-Action Cream, or use Restorative Hydration Cream.

Can I apply Multi-Action Cream around my eyes?

Yes you can.

For the upper eyelids, restrict application to the area just under the eyebrows. Please ensure Multi-Action Cream does not enter eyes as it may be mildly irritating.

Does CALECIM® Professional products contain preservatives?

Yes they contain proprietary preservatives.

Why is Multi-Action Cream consistency different in this bottle?

  • CALECIM® Professional is made as naturally as possible.

  • It is a biological product that is derived from stem cells.

  • The consistency of the creams may vary from batch to batch, however, this will not affect the efficacy of the product.

Have you heard of any bad reactions to this product?

  • We have had thousands of patients use our products which have been dispensed by doctors around the world.

  • We have not received news of any significant adverse reactions.

  • Should there be any adverse reaction, the patient should stop using the product, and this is recommended for any cosmetic product.

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