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Introducing Our Pico-Discovery Laser

The Highly Raved non-ablative PICO Laser Treatment is able to treats skin concerns such as, Pigmentation, Acne Marks, Sun Damage, Melasma, Stretch Marks, Enlarged Pores, Dark eyes circle and bulky lesions (moles, skin tags and other raised lesions).

There is a misconception that lasers takes off the top layers of the skin, leaving it white, and/or shiny or thinned. This belief relates to old-fashioned lasers, all of which did remove surface layers of skin while carrying a risk of removing all normal pigment cells aka melanocytes.
Fortunately, with our current technology, rejuvenating lasers today generally helps to penetrate the surface of your skin and delivered the laser in a controlled manner. This leaves behind healthy pigment producing cells (melanocytes) and other normal skin cells unaffected by the treatment!

What is Pico Laser in Astute Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic?

Pico + Nano is a doubly effective Treatment
Clinical studies have shown that the optimal method for shattering pigment particles by treating them with
both Nano and Picosecond laser pulses.

First, the Nanosecond pulses are used to deliver short bursts of energy that helps to break down the larger and deeper pigments or ink particles. Then, the area is rescanned with Picosecond pulses that dismantles the smaller and shallower particles. This combination yields far better results than using either one of the technologies on its own.


Laser Pigmentation Removal targets melanin which causes pigmented lesions like freckles,

sun spots and age spots or skin discolouration like melasma.

What causes them?

These conditions could be the result of genetics, sun damage or aging. An immediate change in appearance of dark spots will be noticed and some might appear to darken slightly and gradually fade after a couple of days. Not only are our treatments fast, precise and targeted with minimal skin damage. There is absolutely no down time at all! This Laser will effectively treat your skin condition while also stimulating collagen generation helping to keep your skin supple and brightened.

As for treating acne, it damages the bacterial wall, effectively killing the bacteria. Laser Treatment for acne works by concentrating light that penetrates the skin to help reduce sebum (skin oil) levels. Lower sebum levels are associated with lower incidence and severity of acne.

Pico Laser is a laser therapy that uses picosecond laser technology. It is referred to the rate at which laser energy is delivered to the skin. In Pico Laser treatment, a beam of light at a certain energy is delivered within a picosecond, an extraordinarily rapid rate. The laser treatment like Pico Laser has gained popularity due to the excellent results experienced by patients.

Pico Laser is 100x shorter than a Q-Switched Laser, and more laser shots can be fired by a Pico Laser in the same amount of time compared to a Q-Switched Laser.

Pico Laser vs Q-Switched Laser Comparison

Similar to Q-Switch Lasers, the Pico Lasers mainly operates at a 1064nm wavelength. The Discovery Pico Lasers, with its patented Quanta Pico-Boost Technology, can deliver up to 1.8GW of power, making the Discovery Pico the most powerful laser in its class.
At 1064nm wavelength, both the Q-Switched Laser and Pico Laser targets pigmentation. Pigmentation under the skin then absorbs the laser energy and is shattered into smaller fragments. These fragmented pigments are then removed by the skin’s immune system.
Due to the short pulse duration of the Pico Laser, it breaks down pigmentation into a much smaller fragments compared to a Q-Switched Laser. This not only enables to skin to clear these fragments faster and easier, it also reduces the number of treatments required


With the Discovery Pico Laser, pigmentations and tattoos can cleared much faster than Q-Switched Laser (i.e. lesser sessions).

Have a discussion with our doctors about your concerns and condition over a consult to better understand which laser would be more beneficial for you.

Benefits / What to expect from a Pico Laser

  • Pigmentation reduction

  • Acne marks clearance

  • Brighter and tighter skin due to collagen stimulation

  • Reduction in fine lines

  • Faster and more effective removal of tattoos

Our doctor-designed treatments are developed to help treat your skin concerns, partnering with you into the journey of seeking long-term, result-focused treatments. Our relationship with our customer starts off with a detailed consultation to understand your skin concerns, and prepare a personalised treatment plan to treat those concerns and restore your beauty.

Nothing in this website constitutes or is intended to constitute medical advice and readers rely on the statements contained herein at their own risk. Treatment results, experiences and downtime (if any) may vary by individuals.

Please make an appointment with our clinic for a thorough medical assessment of your condition and treatment requirements. Contact us at Tel: +65 9155 2243 or email us at  to book an appointment or to find out more!

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