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“Beauty comes in every shape, size, and colour — and we want to celebrate yours. Every moment spent on looking good is a chance for you to feel good, and our highly trained and experienced team of beauticians is here to help you find that sweet spot so you can always be at your natural best.”






Skin Pigmentations are a build-up of melanocytes (cells that contains melanin) under the skin commonly referred as freckles, sun spot, melasma and age spots. Skin pigmentation refers to darkening of the skin because of the skin's excessive production of melanin. There are common types of skin pigmentation and fortunately, there are safe and effective ways and options available to treat it.


Skin is the largest and the most visible part of our body. Performing many functions, starting from sense to protection, suffers all the environmental chaos, many other external and internal torments. Aging causes dark circles, sagging skin and wrinkles. In the market, there are many anti-aging products and supplements that promise to treat these skin problems. But most of these promises remain unfulfilled! That is when people turn to laser and non-invasive treatments!





Acne & Scars

Acne scars are horrible. The indentation from the scarring can cause permanent damage to your skin and depending on the types of scars you have, you can choose from a vary of combination treatments that includes different types of laser resurfacing, fillers and daily topicals for the best results.

Saggy Skin

Sagging skin isn’t the result of just one cause! There are in fact, several factors to it and the most common is simply aging. As you age, your skin begins to lost its natural elastin and collagen. Collagen is a necessity when it comes to helping our skin stay toned and supple! Several treatments target collagen synthesis in the skin causing the skin to lift up. Some of the most effective anti-aging treatments target the quantity and quality of collagen in the skin.

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Double Chin

Don’t you hate that extra flesh bulging from under your chin that makes you plumper than you really are? Actually “Double Chin” is actually due to to combination of excess “under chin” fat and skin laxity. However to solve that, there are multiple solutions in this day and age to combat this issue and help you achieve your desired v-shape face.

Wrinkles / Fine Lines

This actually can be caused by many factors such as make-up, diet, incorrect product use, weather and more. When the skin is dehydrated, it creates more fine lines and wrinkles to make up for the lack of moisture in the skin.

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When it comes to redness, there is 3 types. Rosacea, post-inflammatory erythema and red stretch marks


Are you thinking about having your tattoo removed? We use certain laser to break down tattoo ink using bursts of laser energy which then the ink will gradually be removed by the body’s immune system.

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Sunken Eyes / Dark Circles

Sunken eyes and dark eye circles is the bane of our existence. These round, uniform bags under the eyes are usually darker than the rest of the skin, this can be caused by many factors, such as, lifestyle, sun exposure, thinning of the skin and more.