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What is it for?


Dermalift is a procedure that give you natural looking face lift results while retaining facial expression.

The goal of the Dermalift procedure is to rejuvenate the face holistically. The treatment is customized and carefully designed for each and every individual.

You can expect:

  • Tighter skin

  • Reduction in wrinkles with natural expressions

  • Non-surgical facelift effect

  • Smaller pores

How it works

  • The Dermalift procedure works by injecting diluted Dysport intra-dermally (into the skin layer), instead of into the facial muscles. This results in stimulation of the fibroblast cells in the skin layer to cause tightening of collagen fibres.

  • The tightening of collagen fibres gives a lifting effect to the face when the Dermalift is done on specific points.

  • Additionally, pores are also tightened and skin becomes tighter.

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How Is It Different From Regular Botox?

Regular Botox injections are targeted at facial muscles. A dermalift procedure targets intra-dermal (within the skin layer) points.

A regular Botox procedure is used mostly for wrinkles at one specific target area, i.e the frown lines, whereas the Dermalift procedure is used for an overall reduction in lines with a tightening and lifting effect of the whole face.

Frequent Ask Questions

How soon can I see results?

You will be able to see subtle changes right after the procedure. Optimal results will be seen by 2 weeks. We recommend 3-4 treatments per year. As with most aesthetic treatments, the results are progressive and cumulative. You will see better and longer-lasting results with repeated treatments. *individual results vary.

What should I take note of after the procedure?

Please remain upright for 6 hours after the Dermalift procedure to avoid diffusion of the injected product into other areas. Do not massage the area for at least 3 days. Please avoid alcohol and hot and spicy food for 24-48 hours after the procedure. Make up can be applied the next day.

It is safe? Are there long term side effects?

There are no long term side effects. Minor side effects such as tiny injection marks might last for about 1-2 days.

Is there any downtime?

There is minimal downtime for the Dermalift procedure. You can go about your normal activities after the procedure.