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Reverse the impact of ageing

World's First Liquid PCL (polycaprolactone) Injectable for Face Lift

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What is GOURI?

Developed in South Korean, GOURI is the world's first solubilized, bio-degradable and bio-compatible liquid PCL (polcaprolactone) injectable.

Unlike a filler or a temporary skin booster, GOURI spreads evenly throughout the entire face and promotes natural skin collagen systhesis, which helps to combat the signs of ageing gracefully and effectively.

It utilises the cannula protocol wherein the needle penetrates into the deep dermis layer of the skin and the biodegradable polymer is injected uniformly into the dermal or subdermal layer.


Lifting and Tightening of the skin


Delays the skin's ageing process

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Stimulates new collagen production


Lasting and natural skin rejuvenation

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Benefits of GOURI


GOURI is suitable for all patients and is recommended to have a thorough consultation with our doctors for the best treatment plan


3 Fundamental Cores of GOURI: Spreadability, Sustainability and Safety


Liquid PCL enables a smooth injection and ability for the body to easily absorb the product, making tissue integration smooth and efficient


Helps to combat the skin's ageing process such as improving skin laxity and density which significantly dimishes with age


GOURI rejuvenates the skin by promoting collagenesis on the entire face which helps to strengthen and repair the skin


Treatment Procedure

Gouri is injected through the revised protocol technique: Cannula. This method reduces the number of injection points on the face from it's previous 5-point-injection and offers a less invasive and safer approach to skin rejuvenation; and most importantly, significantly reduces the adverse side effects caused.

This method involves the use of a small, blunt-tipped cannula instead of a traditional needle. An entry point is created through which the cannula is inserted.

The cannula, which is flexible and has a rounded tip, is then used to inject the Polycaprolactone (PCL) solution into the dermis, or middle layer of the skin. Because of its design, the cannula can glide smoothly under the skin, depositing the PCL solution with minimal damage to the surrounding tissues.


What is PCL?

Polycaprolactone (PCL) is popularly used in the medical field as an implantable biomaterial. As it is biodegradable and biocompatible to human, it will dissolve after certain period of time.


The usage of PCL has been approved by FDA in several applications most commonly used as sutures.

Unlike existing fillers, GOURI has no microparticles.

Microparticle-free composition allows GOURI to be solubilized homogenously in the water, yielding a smoother extrusion force that is acceptable for use of 30G - 35G needles as necessary for injection.

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How long can GOURI last?

Based on our usual protocol of 3~4 sessions, optimal results will typically last an individual 9~12 months. However, depending on individual's level of skin laxity, maintenance treatments are recommended or per our doctors' advise.

Who is suitable for GOURI?

GOURI PCL helps to promote new collagen production in the skin for a natural lifting effect with little downtime. It is suitable for anyone from their 20s onwards looking to address skin laxity.

Can I use GOURI with other treatments such as fillers?

Yes, you can supplement GOURI treatment with other treatments like skin boosters and Injectable Fillers.

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partnership award

Awarded to Astute Medical Clinics in 2023 for GOURI, presented by NeuvaEra

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medical trainer

Dr. Jason Pek receiving his official certificate and award as GOURI's official medical trainer in Singapore


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