Acne Care Treatment

Featuring the following treatments:

➡️ Long Pulsed Laser - helps manage active acne and reduce oil glands activity

➡️ Rejuran Healer - Great for skin repair, improve hydration, promote collagen production, improve acne scar appearance

➡️ Needless Rejuran (with DEP or Cryo) - known for skin healing properties, hydrates and calm skin for post-laser or after Rejuran Healer (injectable)

➡️ Needless Calecim (with DEP or Cryo) - offers medical wound-healing benefits, great for post-laser especially after CO2 Laser

➡️ PhotoLight Therapy - Blue and Red PhotoLight therapy for skin calming, healing and eliminates bacteria Everyone’s skin is different, our doctors will recommend the most suitable 3 treatments into one session, after accessing your skin condition and concerns. Don’t stress over your acne, let us do the job to achieve your desired skin goals!


Astute Zero Acne Program

Astute Zero Acne Program will not only fade blemishes but also leave your skin spotless and even. One of the treatment consists of Long Pulsed Laser, it wavelength reduces inflammation and helps heal and soothe the skin redness.

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Premelaa Jagatheeson

Attentive, patient and informative service by Bernice and Dr Jason. I eventually did a HIFU treatment which is improving my skin noticeably week by week. Absolutely no hard selling to do any treatment which I was not comfortable with. I consulted a few clinics in relation to HIFU and I found they were all trying to push me into many other things which I was not ready to try. Bernice and Dr Jason were the opposite. I also have some chloasma and Dr Jason recommended a simple co… See more