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Pico Toning is a great treatment for reducing skin discolorations and improving rejuvenation of the skin. It uses ultra-short pulses of laser light to deliver tightly focused laser energy to the upper layers of the skin. This treatment is different from other lasers treatments because the ultra-short pulses of Pico laser will not cause heating of the epidermal layers around the target zone. With PICO Toning you can get incredible results without pain in minimal time.

During the process, the energy focused on the top layer of the skin can break up the pigment that has settled and also can encourage the reproduction of collagen in the lower layer of the skin. Pico Toning laser treatment results in the reduction of surface skin problems like pigmentation and improves skin tone and brightness of the skin.

Pico Tonng Laser

Long Pulsed Laser

Long pulsed lasers have an important role in the treatment of melasma, as it treats the vascular (blood vessel) component of melasma. By targeting the vessels in addition to the pigment, we will get improved clinical results and fewer relapses. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to combine laser treatments with topical preparations and oral antioxidants.

Long Pulsed Laser.png
Long Pulsed Laser.

Dual Combo Laser

​Pico-Discovery Advanced.png

Pico-laser represents the latest technology in pigment treatment. By delivering a very high powered laser beam to the pigment, it pulverizes large pigment particles into micro-particles, while protecting the surrounding skin and reducing risks of complications. A combination of Q-switched and Pico-lasers may be used for better results. This innovative device can also be used in the treatment of acne scars and tattoos removal.

Dual Comb Laser

Pico Fractional Laser

Fractional PICO laser uses the Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology to create controlled small areas of “damage” a.k.a microcavities under the skin via a process called Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB).

Pulses of ultra-short picosecond laser energy penetrates deeply into the skin to create these microcavities which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Dr Edwin will adjust the depth of penetration to effectively treat different types of acne scars and skin concerns.

Q-Switch Laser.png

By increasing the levels of collagen and elastin in the skin, we can achieve improvement of acne scars, pore tightening, reduction of fine lines and skin rejuvenation.

Its unique selling point – These results can be achieved with minimal damage to the upper layers of the skin. i.e minimal downtime and a shorter recovery period.

Pico Fractional Laser

Co2 Fractional Laser

Professional Mela Peels.png

Fractional CO2 Laser is a laser treatment for acne scars in Singapore and lightens discolouration including pigmentation and blemishes. It is also a treatment to help to lighten and improve the condition of unsightly stretch marks.

Co2 Fractional Laser

Pico 532mm Laser

Although, the pulse width should be shorter than the thermal relaxation time of the target, nanosecond laser pulses are not short enough for tattoo removal. Complications are common, such as hyper or hypopigmentation, textural changes, and scarring. Moreover, patients with darker skin types are at a higher risk of complications from tattoo removal using these lasers. Picosecond lasers were developed to overcome the limitation of nanosecond lasers. We did a comparison study of a 532/1064 nm picosecond laser vs a 532/1064 nm nanosecond laser to evaluate the clinical efficacy and complications of multi-color tattoos in Asians.

Cysteamine Cream.png
Pico 532mm Laser

Mosquitoes Bites Marks

Hyperpigmentation occurs when areas of the skin appear darker than the rest. These dark spots are commonly a result of either melasma, sunspots, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation — the latter of which can happen as a result of bug bites like those from pesky mosquitoes.

Rejuran Healer.png
Mosquitoes Bites Marks
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