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All our treatments are administered by an experienced team of medical doctors and consultants who have a track record in the industry. We focus on enhancing one’s natural beauty instead of altering facial features and believe in specially curating treatment programmes that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

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Is Subcision filler permanent?

Subcision of scars results in the release of their anchoring and smoothening of the skin. The result is largely permanent as long as the re-anchoring does not happen during the healing period immediately after the procedure. As such, to prevent such re-adhesion, combination of fillers are used.

Does Subcision produce collagen?

In subcision, a needle is put under your skin and moved in multiple directions to separate the top layer of skin from the scar tissue below. The resulting healing process causes collagen to form and push the scar up.

How long does it take to see results from Subcision?

The results of subcision can be immediately visible sometimes. Usually, there is quite a lot of swelling from the anaesthetic. This can take a day or two to settle. The results are usually seen within 1 to 3 months.


Astute Permanent Scars Removal Program utilising Subcision Technique 

Instantly soften deep-pitted scars with natural collagen fillers. Quick, visible results are seen as depressed scar tissue is elevated to the level of healthy, surrounding skin, restoring the appearance of smooth skin

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I like my therapist, Nicole, she is pleasant and professional in her work. I can always rely on her to provide the best care for my face. Dr Gabriel is also skillful and approachable when dishing out advices on self care. I had a great experience whilst having my treatment. Will highly recommend to have any kind of treatment done here.