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Sunken Eyes / Dark Circles

Sunken eyes and dark eye circles are the bane of our existence. These round, uniform bags under the eyes are usually darker than the rest of the skin, which is caused by many factors - lifestyle, sun exposure, thinning of the skin and more. However, fillers and laser treatments will help to reduce their appearance. 

Treatment Options :

Redensity 2 Dermal Fillers.jpg

Redensity 2 Dermal Fillers

Teosyal Redensity 2 are the first dermal fillers that have been developed specifically for the tear trough area to address dark circles and deep hollows under eyes with no downtime. These hyaluronic acid fillers are infused with antioxidants and glutathione, they continue to rejuvenate and whiten the under eyes over time after the treatment for long-term results.

redensity 2 dermal

Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer is a superficial injection which is well known as baby skin injection. The component includes polynucleotide (PN) that repairs, regenerates damaged skin cells and self-regenerates collagen. Rejuran Healer improves skin quality and resiliencee making your skin baby soft. The main applications of Rejuran include rejuvenation through collagen stimulation and improved skin elasticity, resulting in skin tightening, improvement of skin tone/textures and pore size, as well as  decreased wrinkle severity. It can also be used in scar treatment.

rejuran healer

Ellanse Collagen Fillers

Ellanse is a unique collagen biostimulating filler. It provides immediate correction for volume loss and helps with collagen production. Patients can expect improved facial contours as well as smoother and brighter skin. The results can last up to 4 years, reducing the need for repeat treatments.

ellanse collagen
pic discover laser
pico discovery laser.jpg

Pico Discovery Laser

Pico-laser represents the latest technology in pigment treatment. By delivering a very high powered laser beam to the pigment, it pulverizes large pigment particles into micro-particles, while protecting the surrounding skin and reducing risks of complications. A combination of Q-switched and Pico-lasers may be used for better results. This innovative device can also be used in the treatment of acne scars and tattoos removal.

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