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 Dr. Desmond 

Medical Aesthetics Director

Dr Desmond believes that every individual is unique and takes pride in customising treatment plans for each individual according to their goals and expectations.

He adopts a holistic approach when formulating his treatment plans and is dedicated to help his patients look and feel the best they can.


An active and healthy lifestyle is very important, why?

Cliché as it sounds, eat healthily, exercise plenty, lots of water. Laugh more, frown less, do what makes you happy! Good stress management and a healthy lifestyle goes a long way.


Active and healthy people have a natural radiance and glow that gives them an attractive and youthful look! ​ Personally, I like to spend time outdoors and in the nature during my free time. It makes me happy to be surrounded by mountains or just lying on a beautiful beach.


I try to take a break from work every 3-4 months. It helps me recharge and keeps me motivated. Travelling is a big part of my life and I like to go off the beaten path for adventures!


Here are some photos from my recent travels to Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.

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What happens when we age?

As the face ages, several key events happen:

  1. Skin loses its elasticity and thins out. Wrinkles become more obvious and skin appears more saggy.

  2. Facial fat pads undergo atrophy (shrinks) and shifts downwards. They lose volume giving rise to sunken/hollowness and appear to accumulate at the nasolabial fold and Marionette areas resulting in deeper smile lines.

  3. Bone undergoes resorption in certain areas, resulting in a loss of support for the upper layers of facial muscles, fat, and skin. This contributes to volume loss and sagginess

  4. Retaining ligaments of the face, which attach overlying fat and skin tautly to the bone, become loose and stretched resulting in worsening tissue droop.

What are some ways to combat ageing?

Ageing is a dynamic process that affects every layer of the face from the bone all the way to the surface of the skin.


One of the most common phenomena we see is what we termed “volume loss” and this is why a Liquid Face Lift will always be an essential part of effective anti-ageing treatments to result in a natural and more youthful appearance.


Let us go into the details.

The role of a liquid face lift

The liquid face lift is one of the most effective non-invasive treatments in facial aesthetics. It is a quick, affordable, and non-surgical approach to reduce the appearance of facial folds, fine lines and wrinkles for a more contoured, youthful look instantly with little or no downtime.


This is done by using a combination of fillers and botulinum toxin (eg BTX or Dysprt), which restores the volume that has been lost, finetunes the muscular activity that gives rise to wrinkles and tightens the skin.

How is the liquid facelift performed?

First and foremost, I always start with a consultation where I do a thorough assessment of the patient’s face to identify the areas of concern.


Every individual is unique and has more pronounced signs of ageing in certain areas.  This helps me to map out a fully customizable treatment plan for each patient’s unique needs and desires.


Common areas for injection are the brow area, undereye region, cheeks, temples, nasolabial fold (smile lines) and the Marionette lines.


Products I frequently use include:

  • Restylane Hyaluronic Fillers

  • Dysprt

  • Ellanse® Polycaprolactone Collagen Stimulating Fillers

  • Radiesse® Calcium Hydroxylapatite Collagen Stimulating Fillers

Fillers are used to replace the volume loss from fat pad atrophy and bone resorption. This volumizes the fat pads and provides support to the overlying structures.


The volumizing effect also increases the tautness of the retaining ligaments, giving rise to a general lift. Different fillers have different longevity and characteristics which will be discussed in depth during consultation

Dysprt Botulinum Toxin can be used in 2 ways.


Firstly, they can be injected directly into overactive facial muscles and depressor muscles (muscles that give a downward pull) to reduce dynamic wrinkles and allow the elevator muscles (muscles that lift upwards) to work better.


Secondly, they can be injected intradermally (into the skin) around the sides of face to cause contraction and tightening of the skin, giving a lifted appearance.

In general, the whole treatment takes under 30 minutes and injections are done after numbing cream for patient comfort.


Most patients can return to work immediately after the treatment. Minimal discomfort may occur, and some patients may experience temporary swelling, bruising and/or soreness in the treatment area.


A follow-up appointment after 2 weeks will be necessary to monitor progress.

Personally, I do not like an overdone and unnatural look. So definitely no overblown pillow cheeks and witchy chins. I believe that anti-ageing treatments should give a fresh and rejuvenated look that takes away a few years off the face.

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