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Injectable Skin Booster

Repairs and Rejuvenate Ageing or Damaged Skin for Youthful, Glowy Skin


What is Rejuran Healer?

Rejuran Healer is an effective anti-ageing injectable for skin rejuvenation made of polynucleotide (PN), an important component derived from Salmon DNA and an upgraded form of Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) to boost collagen production.

Originating in South Korea, Rejuran Healer activates the self-recovering capability of the skin by improving the thickness of the epidermis, dermis and overall skin elasticity that may have been thinned or damaged due to ageing and various external stimuli. 

The molecules of PN also comes with omega-3 fatty acids that contain antioxidant properties and further improve skin quality and boost skin healing.


Improve skin tightness and hydration


Reduce pore size and improve acne scars


Reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

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Increased skin elasticity and firmness


Regeneration of skin cells for radiant appearance


Reduce inflammation and redness

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Benefits of Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer is an injectable PN skin booster, which is a purer and more concentrated form of PDRN that boasts stronger regenerative propertives. 

PN in Rejuran is extracted from Salmon DNA, which is known to have excellent biocompatibility with human skin without any immune response, thus making it highly suitable for most people.

The injection is then done into the foundational layers of the skin, providing it with chains of polynucleotides. What these DNA fragments do is spur faster tissue and cell regeneration.

  • Increased skin elasticity and firmness

  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

  • Slows down ageing by repairing damaged skin cells

  • Increased regeneration of skin cells

  • Reduction in pore size

  • Increased skin hydration

  • Improvement in acne scars

Hyaluronic Acid Skinboosters are effective for hydration and brightening of the skin, but does not have collagen-stimulating and anti-ageing properties like Rejuran Healer as it contains polynucleotides.

Rejuran Healer

Difference between Rejuran Healer and Skinboosters?

Aside from hydration, individuals can expect tighter, brighter and softer skin from any Rejuran Healer treatments. It is highly recommended for Rejuran to be done in complementary with Skinboosters for better results.

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Efficacy and Duration of Rejuran Healer?

​​Rejuran is a semi-permanent treatment that can have positive effects on the skin. The collagen production is revved up as a result of the injection, and the results are often long-lasting.


However, individuals may need to come back to the clinic for subsequent maintenance as our body's collagen production slows down due to the natural ageing process over time. Hence, the results and permanence of the injection may vary for individuals.

For some, the anti-ageing effects of Rejuran Skin Healer will begin to abate after a year following the treatment; for others, this will happen earlier.

Treatment Procedure

Prior to the treatment, the skin is cleaned and prepped with numbing cream which helps to reduce or minimise client's discomfort during the procedure.

A small needle will be used for the injections and the entire injectable process will take around 20~30 minutes. To reduce the downtime, the patient may opt for LED light therapy or Cryotherapy, both of which can activate collagen stimulation and additional skin rejuvenation.

With little to no downtime for post-treatment, patients are able to head home or return to work right away. The Rejuan Healer treatment is performed in 3~6 rounds, 4 weeks apart, for optimal results.

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