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Director of Medical Aesthetics,
Spa & Wellness and Trichology

carrie yap

In Carrie's world, addressing distinct concerns with precision is the key to unlocking divine beauty.

With an unwavering faith in
personalised solutions, she crafts treatment plans as unique as her clients themselves.

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About carrie

A co-founder of Astute, Carrie has more than 8 years of experience in the field of medical aesthetics, providing the most adequate solutions to help clients achieve their desired beauty outcomes.

Beginning as a Clinic Assistant and Specialist in an established clinic in Orchard Road in 2012, Carrie worked herself up to a managerial role, overseeing operations, sales and marketing.

Filled with passion, she is known for her experience, devotion and industry knowledge. She believes different concerns in various aspects need to be addressed correctly to achieve divine beauty.

Carrie strongly believes that individualized solutions will bring about the desired effects for the clients.


Today, Carrie is actively involved in the clinic operations and training the staff, playing a critical role in the operations and revenue growth of the clinic.

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What is one career highlight that you're most proud of?

One of the pivotal moments that shaped my career was evolving from a Clinic Assistant to a managerial position, where I not only oversaw operational facets but also pioneered a unique approach.


By meticulously crafting a formula to discern each client's needs, we delved into their lifestyle, treatment history, and root concerns. This process allowed us to offer tailored solutions, a testament to our commitment to understanding and addressing individual complexities in the realm of medical aesthetics.


This transition highlighted not only personal growth but also marked a significant leap in our ability to cater precisely to our client's diverse needs.


Our doctor-designed treatments are developed to help treat your skin concerns, partnering with you into the journey of seeking long-term, result-focused treatments. Our relationship with our customer starts off with a detailed consultation to understand your skin concerns and prepare a personalized treatment plan to treat those concerns and restore your beauty.


MEET Our team

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 Dr. Jason 

Medical Aesthetics Director

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 Dr. Chris 

Medical Aesthetics Doctor

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 Dr. Mark 

Medical Aesthetics Senior Doctor

Carrie - Team.png

Carrie Yap

Director of Medical Aesthetics Spa, Wellness & Trichology

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Christal Yeow

Assistant Director

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