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 Dr. Jason 

Medical Aesthetics Director

Dr Jason believes in lifelong learning and has attended dozens of conferences both locally and overseas to keep up-to-date in new research findings and techniques which he adapts for use in his own patients.

He has also attended hands-on cadaveric dissection courses held locally and overseas in order to improve his anatomy knowledge.


Why do we get acne scars and how do we get it?

Acne scars occurs as a result of a full thickness injury to the skin from inflammatory lesions such as acne, most notably would be nodulocystic acne. This injury involves the dermis layer of the skin.


In the attempt to repair the damaged skin, scar tissue and collagen is formed in an irregular pattern around the injury that leads to the appearance of acne scars and these can become permanent.


The worst part is, the bigger and deeper the acne is, the more likely scarring is going to occur. They are different from post-inflammatory pigmentation (hypo, hyperpigmentation, erythema), acne marks or blemishes which can be temporary and can be resolve with time on its own.


There are many different types of acne scars such as, ice pick, rolling, box, atrophic and hypertrophic.


Italy Travel Diary

In this entry, I will be sharing about the DEKA training held in Florence, Italy on 20th and 21st May 2019. Being my first time visiting Florence, I extended my trip so that I would have the opportunity to tour the region as well.

19th May 2019

Touched down in Florence, Italy on Sunday morning. Transferred over to our hotel but it was still too early to check in so decided to head over to do some outlet shopping at The Mall: Firenze.


Took a taxi from the hotel to the city centre (this cost 50 euros) and then transferred to a bus that brought to the outlet. Some of the brands there include Prada, Gucci, Moncler, Mont Blanc, Fendi, YSL.


Only did some window shopping there though. ​ Hung around the outlets till mid-afternoon, before taking the bus back to the city centre. Walked around the famous cathedral (Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore) for a bit to admire its architecture. ​


I had booked a tour of the cathedral itself on a separate day in order to avoid the snaking long queues. And then it was time for dinner. One of the good things about the city centre in Florence is that it is rather compact, so all the sights and attractions are pretty close to each other and walkable. ​


Then walked over to Mercato Centrale, which is sort of their local market. On the first level is the wet market which was closed, on the second was a variety of shops that sold meat, pasta, pizza, wines and beer.

20th May 2019

Breakfast at the hotel and then took the chartered bus to the hospital (Villa Donatello) where the training was held. After the training, we decided to head over to Piazza Michelangelo, which was a lookout point city centre to admire the views of the city centre.

22th May 2019

I had a whole free day in Florence, so it was time to stroll around and explore.


First up, did some shopping in the city centre around Piazza del Signoria and Repubblica. ​


After that, went on to explore the area along river Arno and Ponte Vecchio (this is one of the bridges along river Arno that has jewelry and boutique watch shops, and several others selling trinkets and curios)

23rd May 2019

Booked a day trip to visit surrounding towns today.


Today’s route will take us to Siena, San Gimignano, and Pisa, all of which are designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. Got on tour bus and first stop was Siena. The main sights in Siena included its cathedral, and the Piazza del Campo (the town square).

And the final stop of the day was Pisa, where we visited the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and its surrounding structures, the Baptistery, the Cathedral and the Campo Santo (graveyard). The leaning tower is actually the bell tower of the cathedral.  


Our guide informed us that it is also called the Circle of Life, as you are born and baptised in the Baptistery, married in the Cathedral, and buried in the Campo Santo.