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For smooth, dewy skin

A Non-Invasive Korean "Glass Skin" Booster Treatment

What is Micro BTX?

Micro BTX (also known as Meso BTX or Intradermal BTX) is a relatively new application of botulinum toxin A originating from South Korea.

For this treatment, botulinum toxin is prepared in higher dilution than usual and injected superficially into the skin, which heavily differs from Classic BTX injections which primarily targets the muscle.

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Reduces enlarged pore size


Tightens and smooth fine wrinkles


Reduces acne scar appearance


Lessen and control oil production


Provides natural-looking results


Reverses acne-causing inflammation


How does Micro BTX work?

Micro BTX utilises a more diluted form of the neurotoxin modulator through the process of micro-needling, meaning multiple small dose injections into the skin. ​


This treatment is designed to target your sweat glands, oil glands, and arrector pili muscles that are attached to your hair follicles and your dermal tissue and are responsible for opening your pores.


Once the Micro BTX is administered, it compels your sweat glands, oil glands, and pores to shrink. This in turn tightens your skin and reduces the appearance of moderate fine lines and wrinkles.


Your skin will appear smoother and clearer.

Difference between BTX and Micro BTX

The major difference between these cosmetic treatments is that micro-BTX is only injected at a superficial level into the layers just beneath your skin. On the other hand, traditional BTX is released right into the major muscles of the face to block nerve activity. 


Because it provides a less intensive treatment that isn’t used to relax all of the major facial muscles, micro-BTX has unique effects that make it appealing to a wider range of people, particularly younger people.


This is compared to BTX treatments that are usually only recommended for people in their mid-30s and older, i.e people who are already showing some signs of aging.


Because micro-BTXuses a more diluted version of BTX and Dysprt, it is often used to treat more minor skin imperfections and fine lines that BTX can’t always treat.

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Treatment Procedure

Treatments take around thirty minutes. Effects are noticeable after just one treatment, however to achieve optimal results, it is highly encouraged that treatments are performed once a month for three months consecutively.


You will achieve optimal results if treatments are performed once a month for around three months.


Effects are noticeable after just one treatment. Micro-BTX is not a permanent solution but will greatly improve your skin for up to several months following treatments, lessening the need for expensive skin care rituals and makeup.


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