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Regenerative Stem Cell Skincare

Restore Your Skin's Vitality and Speed Up Skin Healing & Regrowth

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What is CALECIM® Needleless?

The Calecim Needleless is a non-invasive, medical-grade facial treatment that delivers active ingredients, specifically CALECIM® Professional Serum, into the deeper layers of the skin.

CALECIM® Professional Serum is a highly powerful, light-weight, anti-ageing serum formulated with a 80% high concentration of stem cell protein sourced from the umbilical cord lining of New Zealand farmed deer.

The primary forte of this serum is in accelerated skin recovery, visibly rejuvenates skin, restores elasticity and resets skin - all within 28 days.


Activates cellular regeneration and healing

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Clearer and smooth complexion


Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

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Accelerated skin restoration and protection

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Benefits of Calecim

The potency of the CALECIM® Professional Serum allows it to immediately calm, soothe and restore skin, especially after intense aesthetic treatments. 

It amplifies skin's natural restoration process, leading to improved outcomes, reduced redness, swelling and discomfort immediately after application, and significant reduction in downtime.

In addition, Calecim can also be used to enhance anti-ageing aesthetic effects of procedures which can be a complementary add-on to various laser or injectable treatments.

  • Reduction of superficial pigmentation

  • Restoration of the appearance of skin fullness & elasticity

  • Improvement in the appearance of fine lines

  • Reduction of redness, swelling, discomfort and downtime


D.E.P Calecim

This treatment uses Dermoelectroporation® to stimulate the opening of the skin's existing water-based channels to allow Calecim Serum/Whitening Complex Serum/Acne Clear Serum to penetrate deep into the skin dermis layer using controlled current. ​


Dermoelectroporation technology is alternative to superficial injection to deliver the drug solution into the skin, enhancing skin penetration of active ingredients. ​


Restoring your skin health and aiding in an accelerated recovery and renewal process.

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How does it work?


As you age, your cells age too.


Exposure to the sun and pollution aggravate this condition and further weaken your skin cells. When that happens, your skin regeneration cycle slows down from 28 days to 40 days or longer.


As such, cells will take longer to shed and this results in wrinkle lines, thinned skin, pigmentation and dryness. In other words, aged skin. ​


CALECIM Professional Serum provides the nutrients that will aid your skin in restoring its natural renewal cycle.


We call this a skin reset – the cell-free conditioned media allows your skin cell cycle to return to its original, youthful state by creating the perfect environment for your skin to reproduce the essential nutrients for a healthy appearance.


Because health, after all, is beauty.

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