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The Truth Behind Uneven Skin Tone

Every single one of us want skin that’s evenly toned and uniform. “Personally my list of priorities in terms of my face will always be the skin tone & colour.” I believe if you have a beautiful evenly toned fair skin, you always tends to stand out from the others who have uneven skin and darker skin.


Unfortunately a variety of factors causes our skin look red, splotchy, dark or discoloured. Pigments always make us looks dull and dirty and there are many reasons for it to show up on the skin. In order to identify the accurate and right treatment, and get rid of it for good results, you need to know what caused it in the first place.


First Blog Post - What kind of Person I Am?

However after planning for weeks of how to do an introduction of myself to the audiences, I decide on a very interesting Topic as an introduction of myself.


Studies have shown that people who love both dogs and cats—the so-called “bi-petuals”

Director of Medical Aesthetics, Spa & Wellness and Trichology


Carrie always been filled by passion. She is known for her experiences, devotion and infinite knowledge. She believes different concerns in different aspect needs to be addressed correctly to achieve divine beauty. She strongly believes that individualized solutions will bring about more effective results for her clients.

Conclusion and Outcome

After summing up my statement about what i've been writing about myself as an introduction with this topic, I had scored more of a Doggie personalities. However I had two cats before,

I left with one sweet little precious named MOMO. 

Here is my current Kitty

I will take this chance to end my Blog Post with the "Love Letter to my Tei Tei” as a memorial for him, since this is my First Blog.


When it’s acne related…


How it happens: When acne, pimples or blemishes pop up from your “precious face”  and the inflammation that comes along with it, can cause hyperpigmentation on the skin, even long after the blemish has healed. Although inflammation is part of the cycle of a breakout that can’t be completely eliminated, the more inflamed the follicle becomes, the more likely the blemish is to leave a scar behind.

Inflammation is a natural response mechanism causes by the body that is necessary for a pimple to heal and fade. ` Known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), the surface texture of the skin isn’t affected, just the colour of it. The deeper the inflammation, the darker the red or brown marks remains and the longer it will take to fade.


How to get rid of it:  Topical products that work to lighten marks like Retin A & Skin Ceuticals discoloration defense , these two products works to increase cell renewal cycle and reduce redness and speed up in terms of reducing the ugly spots and marks.

Especially if you are prone to post-acne marks, Pico Second Laser and Long Pulsed Laser can also clear up some red acne marks.

When it’s sun related…

Why it happens: UV rays produce excess melanin, which is deposited in the skin. These spots, which are usually light to dark brown, and occur on the face, chest and hands, can make the skin look much older than it really is

How to get rid of it: The best way to treat sun-related discoloration is with Melasma Cream Cyspera® Cream (Cysteamine), Mela Peel Forte, Q-Switch Laser) and IPL or a fractional laser resurfacing treatment (selected Patients only). 

Why it happens: Pregnancy, birth control and menopause can all cause a spike in melanin production. In fact, one reason why hyperpigmentation is one the rise is because more birth control is being prescribed than ever before. 

Many doctors correlate the surge in hyperpigmentation to things like birth control and hormone replacement therapy due to sudden shifts in hormone levels. 

The surge in hormones coupled with sun exposure causes the skin to darken in color from light to medium brown.

How to get rid of it: Often referred to as melasma, Oral Tranexemic Pills and Cyspera® Cream (Cysteamine) are often prescribed by doctors to treat the hyperpigmentation & Melasma. Other treatments that are effective include Mela Peel Forte and Lasers, as well as using vitamin C products, like Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic, at home.

IPL and any form of Laser works by sending a beam of light through skin that seeks out melanin. As the light is absorbed by the pigment, it breaks up the pigment so it’s less visible on the skin, and a series of treatments is needed to make a difference. Lasers deliver a beam of fractionated energy to the skin to incite a wound-healing response and correct hyperpigmentation

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Our doctor-designed treatments are developed to help treat your skin concerns, partnering with you into the journey of seeking long-term, result-focused treatments. Our relationship with our customer starts off with a detailed consultation to understand your skin concerns and prepare a personalized treatment plan to treat those concerns and restore your beauty.

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