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Wake Up Your Collagen

A Non-Invasive, Anti-Ageing Treatment for Skin Lifting and Tightening


What is 10Therma?

     10Therma is a monopolar high-frequency device developed in South Korea. It creates high heat to regenerate collagen in the dermis in a non-invasive method.

With the incorporation of an advanced cooling system, 10Therma employs cooling gas and vibration mechanisms to ensure the utmost safety for the patients’ skin during radiofrequency heat transfer.

To ensure accurate adhesion, the tip pressure sensor also operates only when the pressure exceeds a certain level and stops working when it detects low pressure sensor.


Tip pressure sensor


Tip temperature sensor


Skin impedance checking system


Continuous shot function

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Benefits of 10Therma


Less pain and no anesthesia: 10Therma uses cooling gas and vibration functions to prevent burns to the epidermis during RF heat transfer.


Long Lasting Improvement: Monopolar RF operating at 400W and 6.78 MHz for maximum satisfaction.


Visible efficacy: Uniform distribution of RF energy and four interchangeable tips that are optimized for different areas allows effective treatment.


20% improved effciency: 10Therma's 5.0cm² tip provide more efficient coverage compared to 4.0cm² tips from other devices.


How does 10Therma work?

10Therma is a medical class monopolar RF device that safely transfers heat to the dermis using a cooling system to protect the epidermis, thereby regenerating collagen and improving skin elasticity and wrinkles.

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Theory of Treatment

With ageing, collagen binding is weaker and decreases. RF heating leads to improve the density of collagen by the stimulation of dermal collagen fiber.

1st stage: Immediate collagen contraction

- Collagen shrunk after the separation of water molecules.

- The elasticity of skin increases with dermal contraction.

- Skin colour improves by tightening the fibrous septum.

2nd stage: Advanced Collagen Remodelling in the Heating Process

- Improving skin's firmness and elasticity with the recovery of collagen.

- The tightening effect becomes far more obvious than the first stage.

Treatable Areas


  • Forehead

  • Cheeks

  • Lower Face

  • Double Chin

  • Neck


  • Arms

  • Tummy

  • Thighs



  • Near Eye (Temporal)

  • Undereye

  • Eyelids

The 10Therma device offers 4 different tip heads that can be interchanged to effectively address specific concerns on different parts of the face and body.

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Is 10Therma Safe?

10Therma has a Smart Temperature Cooling (STC) system, preventing burns caused by an excessive temperature rise in tip surface. Based on the sensor in the tip, the STC automatically emits cooling gas 7 times per shot to reduce the risk of burns by the constant temperature of the tip surface with vibration relieving pain.

Since its launch in 2022, 10Therma sales has surpassed 500 units and has acquired FDA certificate in Thailand, Taiwan and US.

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