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PICO Fractional laser

PICO Fractional laser, an FDA approved laser, is the secrets behind clear, radiant skin. Due to its distinctive technology, you can say goodbye to indented acne scars & enlarged pores! With its versatile wavelengths, it can effectively treat stubborn pigmentations like melasma & sun-damaged skin. Monthly regular treatments are highly recommended to achieve a smoother texture & rejuvenated skin.

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Do you know the type acne scars you have and how to effectively treat them?

Most people have a combination of scars and most acne scarring takes numbers of sessions to treat. Astute provides varies of scars removal to laser resurfacing treatments such as Subcision with Collagen Fillers, Endymed Intensif RF Needle, TCA Cross, Pico Fractional and Deka Fractional Co2 Laser to reduce the appearance of acne scars!

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I've done Rejuran+Boosters and have on-going sessions on Combo Laser/Fractional to improve my skin conditions. I'm soooooo pleased with the results so far and really happy with the service here. Staffs (Bernice and Jeslyn) are so friendly and helpful, and Doctors are very knowledgeable, caring, and know exactly what treatment is best for my skin. Also, things work so efficiently at this clinic including getting me appointments/sending me reminders etc which is really important to me. They have two branches, 1 in the East Coast and the other at CBD (same doctors), so it's really convenient.