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Address photodamage and ageing

Manage active acne, reduce oil glands activity, enlarged pores and treat fine lines & wrinkles

What is Long Pulsed Laser?

The Long-Pulsed Laser is a non-ablative laser that penetrates deep into the skin to target only problematic spots without harming the skin’s surface. It has been found to be effective in treating acne by selectively targeting overactive sebaceous glands, which are responsible for producing excess oil that can clog pores and lead to acne.

By thermally destroying these glands, the laser treatment can reduce the production of oil and help prevent future breakouts. Additionally, the laser treatment can also reduce inflammation and redness associated with acne, resulting in clearer, smoother skin in the long term.


Reduce Overactive Sebaceous Glands





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Why Long Pulse Laser?


Treats active acne and removes facial veins, spider veins, haemangiomas (strawberry mark) and leg veins


Rejuvenate ageing and dull skin which also simultaneously helps to lighten acne scars

The Long-Pulsed Laser uses two complementary laser wavelengths – 1064nm and 2940nm, creating heat which is absorbed by our skin. 

This laser firms the skin through stimulation of collagen production through cells in the skin called fibroblasts.

The laser also targets haemoglobin within the blood vessels, removing fine veins and redness caused by inflammation and acne.


Ageing & Photodamaged Skin

Support structures like collagen and elastin help maintain volume and elasticity, which is more prevalent in young and healthy skin.


However, with age, the production of these support structures slow down which causes the skin to lose elasticity, which can lead to:

1. General skin laxity -- thus, causing the skin surrounding the face to sag

2. Formation of wrinkles and fine lines

3. Enlarged pores

These effects of ageing can also be accelerated with photodamage from exposure to UV radiation from the sun or other sources.

Luckily, Long Pulsed Laser treatments are extremely effective in reversing the signs and can act as an anti-ageing preventative measure.


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