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Bio-regenerative Skin Booster

The Original Polynucleotide (PN) Created Using Highly Purified Technology (HPT™) from Italy


What is PLINEST®?

Plinest® is a skin booster treatment crafted to fight signs of aging and improve overall skin health from within.


It harnesses the potency of polynucleotides (PN), a natural regenerative component from the reproductive glands of trout fish which undergo meticulous purification via a patented Highly Purified Technology (HPT) process.


This distinctive and natural sourcing of the active ingredient distinguishes Plinest® from numerous other skincare alternatives. 


Promote bio-revitalisation to reverse signs of ageing


Regenerates fibroblast and collagen to repair damaged skin


Improves hydration and elasticity


Improve overall skin health for a smooth, flawless skin

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Benefits of Plinest

PLINEST® is developed using a patented extraction and purification process, PN-HPT.

It is originated from Italian trout DNA as they are bio-compatible with human DNA and is known to improve overall skin health.

PLINEST® is  an excellent treatment option for those seeking these benefits:

  • Restoring a youthful appearance

  • Rejuvenating skin from the inside out

  • Firming, tightening and lifting the skin

  • Repair damaged skin

  • Improve overall skin texture

Treatment Procedure


1. Temple point



2. Mid Cheek Point



3. Marionnette Line Point (chin)

PLINEST® uses a 3-point bioregeneration injection technique that is clinically proven to increase fibroblast growth, collagen, hydration and elasticity.

Key Advantages 

  • Only 3 injection sites for each side of the face

  • Painless technique

  • Minimal to zero downtime

  • Improve patient comfort and compliance

  • Short procedure

  • The result is clinically proven

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What to Expect

The recommended start up treatment protocol for PLINEST® is 1 session every 14-21 days, for a total of 3 sessions. Thereafter, 1 session every 6 to 9 months for maintenance.

❖ Visible skin firmness

❖ Improved overall skin texture

❖ Improved skin radiance

❖ Improved skin hydration

❖ Reduced skin pores

PN-HPT™ Safety


PLINEST® was created using a patented extraction and purification process, HPT™ based on 70 years of research and over 100 scientific publications.

PN-HPT® is a Class III medical device CE -373 with EU CE Mark. Other certifications also includes EU CE/ GMP /AIFA /ISO 9001/ISO 13485 and RINA certifications.

The Plinest Range



​Unique Benefits

  • Promote bio-revitalisation to reverse signs of ageing

  • Regenerate fibroblast and collagen to repair damaged skin

  • Improve hydration and elasticity

  • Restore glowing skin radiance and youthfulness

Target age group

  • 20 to 40 years old

Target area

  • Face, décolletage, hands



​Unique Benefits

  • ​Revives tired-looking eyes

  • Reduce dark eye circles

  • Before and after blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

  • Reduces superficial wrinkles or fine lines

Target age group

  • all age group

Target area

  • Peri-ocular, glabella, neck, areas with delicate and thinner skin

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