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Rejuvenate your eyes

Tissue Restoration, Reconstruction and Improvement in the Eye Area

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What is Rejuran I (Eye)?

The Rejuran I (Eye) Treatment is an injectable that consists of Polynucleotides (PN), a newer and more concentrated form of PDRN, with inflammatory and tissue repair-stimulating agents, and DNA Polymers for long-lasting, natural skin repairs and collagen stimulation.

Rejuran I is less viscous ("more liquid form") in texture than Rejuran Healer, which can be safely used for the delicate skin around the eyes without causing lumpiness.

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Stimulates collagen production around the eyes


Reduce dark eye circles and eye bags


Restore smoothness and skin elasticity

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Lighten and brighten under eye skin tone

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Benefits of Rejuran I

Rejuran I promotes tissue restoration, reconstruction and improvement of physical appearance.

Optimized for crow’s feet and thinned skin, it greatly improves the elasticity of the skin and effectively lightens fine lines under the eyes.

At the same time Rejuran I helps to plump up sagging skin, and stimulates collagen production around the eye area for brighter and more youthful eyes.

  • Tightening skin around the eyes

  • Eliminating eye wrinkles and fine lines

  • Reduces puffiness around the eyes

  • Diminish appearance of eyebag and dark circles

  • Improve skin texture and quality around eyes

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