What is Rejuran?

REJURAN (SKIN HEALER) is an injection treatment for skin rejuvenation that was developed and manufactured in South Korea by PharmaResearch. This product contains highly bio-compatible DNA fragments (Polynucleotides), to improve the overall condition of damaged skin.

Benefits of Rejuran

The Rejuran treatment is made up of polynucleotides (PN) carefully extracted from wild salmon DNA. Polynucleotide has strong anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. Stimulates cell growth, collagen formation and skin regeneration.

Benefits of Rejuran - Increase skin hydration - Reduce acne scars - Improve fine lines and skin elasticity - Repair skin damage - Balance of the skin’s oil and moisture - Encourage collagen production


Irene Ang

Preferred Treatment

Michelle Chia

Preferred Treatment

The gorgeous @michellechiaofficial came by for Needleless Rejuran and her skin looks so dewy and radiant after! Rejuran is known for its skin rejuvenation and youth-restoration properties. Our doctors also recommend it after laser treatments to hydrate and promote healing🧑‍⚕️💖