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Introducing Astute Hydra Eye Glow Program!

This program is designed to revitalize the eyes by restoring volume via directly delivering hydration where it is needed. In tandem with undereye texture nourishment, hollows below the eyes are gently volumized to improve the appearance of tear trough defects and eyebags. Many has discovered instant, visible improvements along with a well-rested, rejuvenated appearance.

What causes eye bags and dark eye circles?

There can be multiple reasons but here are some common ones;

  1. Genes

  2. Aging or senescence

  3. Water Retention

  4. Pseudo Eyebags (Pretarsal muscle)

What is this program about?

This is a 3 months program that involves filling up the area that has volume loss over the years by injecting underneath the eyes with volumizing fillers. Followed by intra-derma injection to plump up the skin hydration level around the eye region. Which can result in a much more refreshed looking eyes and supple smooth skin around the area instantly.

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