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Why are Eyelash Extensions so expensive?

On average, a set of eyelash extension can range from $98 to $198 based on the 5 Factors below:

1. Experience of the Eyelash Specialist

Our one and only Lash Specialist was hand pick personally. Knowing the fact that this skills requires many years to master it, therefore choosing your specialist is very important. We believe that her years of experience is going assist you to choose your favourite lashes

2. Quality of Products Used

We only use premium super soft faux lashes in our Clinic. Which comes in a variety of thickness and density – from 0.03mm to 0.07mm. This helps to prevent from weighting down the eyelashes while creating the highly raved Fluffy Lashes.

3. The Process of Making The Lashes

The root of the eyelashes is the most important part for our expectation. Making sure that there’s no residue of glue still attached to one another during the process of creating our client’s eyelashes.

4. Environment

We’re highly equipped with sterilize environment. Every single room, our medical bed is wrapped with disposal sheets, supplying our client to most cleanliest.

5. Overall customer experience

We value our customer’s opinions and experiences! Your comfortability is our priority. We want to make sure you’re getting an absolutely amazing experience with us at Lashtute!

Here at Lashtute, we give you the freedom of customizing your length, curl and shape at no extra cost, and we offer unlimited strands for any service that you choose!

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