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Why Resylane is the Best Dermal Filler.

In the constant battle to maintain, restore, and enhance fresh looking skin, we

believe that Restylane is the best dermal filler for the job.

Your skin is amazing. It provides an ever present barrier between your body and the environment. It has to combat ageing; the effects of the weather, and life-style choices, such as smoking. As we age it becomes more of a battle to maintain youthful, fresh-looking skin, and this is when we turn to medical aesthetics for a helping hand.

At Astute Medical Aesthetics, we believe that Restylane is the best dermal filler to use in these circumstances, for several reasons.

Here’s why we think Restylane is the best dermal filler!

The active ingredient in Restylane is Hyaluronic Acid. One of the many reason why Restylane fillers have become popular is that our skin already contains HA, which makes it extremely rare to have any form of allergic reaction to these injections. It is a completely safe treatment that either takes only minutes for any mild swelling to subsides.

Restylane is known to hold its shape better in order to help your new appearance last a little longer compared to other fillers. Depending on the area, Restylane is ideal for reshaping such as your chin, cheeks and under eyes.

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