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Quick & Effective Hair Restoration

A Unique Hair Revitalisation Approach to Combat Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth 

What is Regenera Activa?

Regenera Activa® is a FDA and HSA approved hair loss treatment that utilises micro-grafts that are harvested from areas of the scalp, specifically hair cells at the back of the scalp, that are unaffected by hair loss.

The micro-grafts are then processed to extract regenerative cells using the technology of Regenera Activa which will then be administered into affected areas to stimulate hair growth naturally.

The restorative process occurs on a cellular level which will allows areas on the scalp with genetically weakened hair to regrow into thicker and denser hair.


Reduction of hair loss in weakened areas


Improved thickness and density of hair follicles


Effective and Natural looking results


Minimally invasive alternative with trained professionals


Treatment Procedure

Our medically trained doctors at Astute will identify and inject the graft sites with local anesthesia before extracting them painlessly. These grafts contain healthy hair cells and important growth factors.

The Regenera Activa device will then process these grafts into smaller fragments called Micro-grafts. These micro-grafts contains a highly concentrated amount of healthy hair cells, stem cells and growth factors to stimulate natural hair growth.

These micro-grafts are then injected into the areas suffering from hair loss to reactive the hair roots in these areas, which will soon start to repair and promote regeneration of healthy scalp tissue and hair follicles upon injection.


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