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It's All About Hair Retention!

So why is hair retention important?

Hair has always been one of the most important aspects of a person's appearance. This is also the very reason why hair thinning or baldness, are serious concerns for those who have to cope with hair loss problems! Like any other health conditions, seeking early treatment even before the signs are crucial to increase the chances of hair retention.

Hair loss can be due to multiple reasons such as, genetics, poor nutrition, inappropriate hair and scalp care! In advanced cases, the only solution would be a hair transplant or hair weaves. Hence, it is important to treat it at an early stage.

At Astute Medical Centre, DNA Scalp Stimulation combined with Regenera Activa Treatment helps to incorporate stem cell extracts, with the latest technologies such as PDRN and Copper Peptides to effectively deliver nutrients to the hair follicle. This specific formula has been developed to treat the scalp and is recommended for most scalp conditions. It is clinically proven to increase follicle size and to rebuild blood supply to damaged follicles.

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