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Why do women experience hair loss?

Hair loss can be the result of genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions or even medications! It is not always easy to find the root cause of it! But at Astute Medical Centre, we’re determined to help you discover the cause of your hair loss by going through a detailed hair analysis!

There are situations when no treatment is required — when the baldness or thinning hair will resolve naturally with time. A common example would be post-pregnancy hair loss that can occur several months after delivery. Regrowth will usually return the hair to its normal thickness within a few months!

However, in some cases, there are options to help women preserve or regain their hair.

Here are some signs that you can look out for:

Overall Thinning – gradual thinning on the top of the head.

Bald Spots – it might appear as patchy or circular. Your skin may even feel itchy or painful!

Handful of Hair – there is sudden hair loss, commonly after an emotional or physical trauma. Hair may come off quickly when washing or combing, leading to overall thinning!

Treatment is formulated based on the hair analysis, and here are some of the treatment options available in Astute Medical Centre!

  • Topical Minoxidil 5% with Tretinoin 0.01% compound foam. This is the gold standard, approved by the U.S. FDA for baldness or thinning hair in both men and women. It is effective in achieving hair growth in about 25 percent of women who use it.

  • Propecia (finasteride), a medication approved to treat hair loss in men.

  • Regenera Activa, which is a clinically proven, safe and effective treatment that uses regenerative cells taken from the healthy part of your own scalp to enhance the weaker areas of your scalp with thin hair or hair loss

  • DNA Scalp Stimulation (injection) will be introduced to patients who are looking to see improvement within 3 months! This treatment helps to stimulate growth within the follicles, resulting in increased hair density and thickness! This procedure - PDRN has been long established to improve wound healing and also help increase the turnover of cells.

Read more on our DNA Scalp Stimulation Article here !

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