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Rejuvenation with no injection.

Painless and Effortless Treatment to Manage Signs of Aging

What is Baby BTX?

Baby BTX is a needleless treatment that addresses signs of ageing through a painless and effortless delivery of neromodulator below the skin's surface.

This non-injectable treatment is an anti-wrinkle treatment that helps to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, firm eye bags, and improve skin hydration thus allowing for a more natural-looking and glowy result.


Fully customisable for various skin types


Anti-ageing prevention


Maintain skin's water balance


No discomfort,
Zero downtime

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How does it work?


Relaxes muscles and prevents the production and increase of expression lines

Needleless BTX, or Baby BTX, delivers a facial rejuvenation experience without the traditional method of delivery via Injections.

With our innovative technology at Astute, we are able to deliver a mixture of peptides and new-generation active compounds which can supress the ageing process such as expression lines, and preventing the lines to crease when making facial expressions.


Reduces muscle contraction and formation of loose skin to occur


Preserves water balance and keeps skin moisturised and tightened

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How to prepare for
Baby BTX?

Before getting Baby BTX, be sure to express any concerns, expectations, and prior health conditions to your doctor. You’ll also need to disclose any allergies or medications you’re currently taking.

Your doctor will also instruct you to avoid any blood thinner, aspirin, or ibuprofen in the 2 weeks before your injection. They may advise you to avoid excessive alcohol consumption in the day or 2 days before your injection appointment as well.

What to expect after Baby BTX?

Recovery after Baby BTX is quick.


In fact, there’s no downtime after the treatment. You can even go right back to work and resume all of your normal activities right away. You may want to avoid massaging and rubbing your face while the Botox settles for the first few days after treatment

You might also want to avoid strenuous exercise, such as jogging, in the days afterward to avoid redistributing the Botox cosmetic before it’s settled.


Depending on which brand of botulinum toxin was used, your muscles begin to become paralyzed a few days after the procedure. The final results of baby Botox will take about a week to settle in.

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