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Restoring lost volume

An Innovative Hyaluronic Filler for Desirably Natural-looking Results

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What is Restylane® VOLYME?

The Restylane® VOLYME™ is a non-invasive facial enhancement that is part of the Restylane line designed to enhance facial features through the use of a naturally occuring substance in the body - Hyaluronic Acid.

This innovative formula helps to restore facial volume along the cheeks, midface, chin and jawline and can offer flexibility and natural facial expression use while simulatenously offering a contouring, lifting effect.


Improves definition of upper/lower lips


Reduces appearance of fine lines and creases


Instant results without surgery


Minimal to no downtime


Longer-lasting and natural-looking results


Treatments are customised to your needs

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Benefits of VOLYME™


With the ideal balance of flexibility, support, and a natural feel, clients can mantain a full range of expressions and movement


Ability to replace a natural component of the skin and reverse the signs of ageing such as fat loss and bone resorption 


Popular option for patients seeking volume augmentation in areas such as the chin, jawline, brow and cheeks


Allows for Restylane to be utilised in areas of the face with lots of movements which results in more natural-looking results


The innovation of Galderma's proprietary XpresHAn technology gives hyaluronic gel more flexibility and tissue integration


Treatment Procedure

Prior to the procedure, our therapists will thoroughly clean and disinfect the areas to be treated.


As most restylane fillers contain an integrated local anesthetic, lidocaine, additional pain relief isn't necessary, such as numbing cream, but can be included per client's request.


A small amount of appropriate Restylane filler is then injected into your skin through a find needle or blunt micro-cannula to fill wrinkles, add volume or shape to your face.

After the injection, our medical doctors may gently massage the treated areas to evenly distribute the gel fille to ensure optimal results.

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Experience Restylane

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