What is Derma-Lift?

Dermalift is a skin tightening procedure that involves the injection of diluted botulinum toxin into the skin. This has the effect of tightening skin, in turn giving one's face a lifted appearance.

What can it do for me?

Dermalift provides instant skin lifting for patients with mild skin laxity, giving one a more youthful, natural, and refreshed appearance.

The complete list of Dermalift’s benefits includes:

✓ Tighter skin, instantly!

✓ Firmer face with less sagging

✓ Reduction in fine lines and mild wrinkles without the “frozen look”

✓ Younger and refreshed appearance, especially around the eyes

✓ Refines your jawline for sharper-looking features

✓ Minimal to no downtime

How does it work?

Dermalift works by injecting diluted botulinum toxin intra-dermally (into the skin layer) at specific points on the face.

This causes a contraction of your skin layers, and stimulates your skin’s fibroblast cells to produce more collagen. All this results in a skin tightening and lifting effect: an instant facelift!

How long do the results last?

Most will see an instant facelift immediately, and the results will improve over the next 7 to 14 days. It’s recommended that you do 6 sessions of Dermalift the first year, 2 months apart. Subsequent treatments in the following years will be advised by Dr Kok, depending on your skin condition.

Will there be any downtime?

There is minimal to no downtime with the Dermalift procedure – some patients see minor injection marks, redness, or minor swelling, but that generally subsides within a day.

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Reviews from Customers

Premelaa Jagatheeson

Attentive, patient and informative service by Bernice and Dr Jason. I eventually did a HIFU treatment which is improving my skin noticeably week by week. Absolutely no hard selling to do any treatment which I was not comfortable with. I consulted a few clinics in relation to HIFU and I found they were all trying to push me into many other things which I was not ready to try. Bernice and Dr Jason were the opposite. I also have some chloasma and Dr Jason recommended a simple co… See more